Personal and Group Health Plans and Life Insurance

United Insurance offers health, life and disability insurance, both group plans and those for individuals. As an independent agency, we have access to regional and national insurance companies, allowing us to tailor each plan to the specific needs of that client. If you would like to meet with an agent from our life and health practice to review your options and compare quotes, please contact our Amherst, New York, office at any time.

Group Health Plans

A critical factor in recruiting and retaining a skilled workforce, the group health plan has also been demonstrated to reduce absenteeism and improve productivity for many organizations. Compared to individual health insurance, a group plan may be very affordable for an employee, since the plan spreads risk across the entire group. Three common group health plans:

  • Fee-for-service plan: This traditional group health plan provides policyholders with the widest range of medical care centers and physicians from which to choose
  • Health maintenance organization (HMO): A prepaid, member-supported type of group health plan, the HMO charges members a monthly fee. In return, they and their family members receive comprehensive health and medical care coverage. The HMO typically covers hospital stays, lab tests, therapy and regular doctors’ visits; Federal law mandates that all employers with 25 or more employees offer workers the opportunity to enroll in an HMO.
  • Preferred provider organization (PPO): The PPO blends fee-for-service plan offerings with some HMO plan offerings. It restricts member to the use of a specific group of physicians, also referred to as a network of preferred providers.

If you are interested in including a group health plan in your business insurance package, or would like quotes from various companies, please contact our Amherst office.

Individual and Group Life Insurance, Long-Term Care, Disability

We provide a range of products that promote health and protect our clients and their families against economic hardship. Your agent will be happy to discuss the following and help you determine which elements to include in your personal or group plan.

  • Disability insurance
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Medicare supplement and Plan B insurance
  • Cancer insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Optical insurance

Contact Us with Questions

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