Sportsmens and Hunt Club Insurance

At United Insurance, we take a special interest in outdoors organizations, gun clubs and hunt clubs. Insurance for such an organization should be carefully tailored to its activities. If you are an owner, manager or officer of such a group, and would like to speak with an agent with experience in that area, please contact our Amherst, New York, office.

United Insurance Agency, Inc. is endorsed by the New York State Conservation Council and licensed in more than 40 states.

Is General Liability Enough?

As owner or member of an outdoor organization, you may be exposed to a number of personal and professional risks. Factors to consider include ownership of land, whether you represent a commercial or non-profit organization and the type of activities that will take place on your property. Are visitors to your shooting range or game farm shooting skeet or trap? Hunting waterfowl or large game? Using an archery range or shooting gallery? Does your personal role require directors and officers liability (D & O) insurance? If you lease hunting land to private individuals, your needs may be satisfied by an umbrella policy (extra liability insurance) attached to your farm coverage. Your agent will carefully evaluate your situation before recommending liability insurance that will allow you to operate freely.

Is Your Property and Equipment Covered?

Whether you own a farm or ranch, or are a member of an organization that manages a large hunting preserve, your property and equipment coverage needs should be reviewed. Your agent will help you determine whether valuations are current, indicated flood and wind coverage is in place, and you are receiving the benefit of all available discounts.

Does Your Organization Have Employees?

As a niche within our commercial insurance practice, our conservation services include group health plans, workers compensation insurance and other services for employers.

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