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As Independent Insurance Agents, We Offer Real Options

As a consumer, you should only expect the very best from your insurance agency. If you only look at the products of one insurance company, how sure can you really be that your policy is the best? When you work with an independent insurance agent, you have real options. This way you know you’ll be matched up with the best insurance company for your needs.

Compare All Your Insurance Options

Different insurance companies offer very different product lines. To find the right coverage at the best price, you need to carefully review all your choices. But who has time to drive to or call every agency?

With an independent agent, you don’t have to. These agents sell products from multiple insurance companies. In one meeting, you’ll compare the rates and coverage terms of nearly all your different insurance options. This way you’ll be able to find the best insurance without wasting your valuable free time.

Smoother Transitions Between Different Insurance Products

Your life is always changing. Your insurance needs to keep up. The plan you put together today could be completely inadequate a few years down the road. As time goes by, you might need more coverage for a growing business or family. Later on, you might also be able to qualify for new discounts or could be better off with a new line of insurance.

When you only work with one insurance company, these changes can lead to problems. Since each company can only offer so many products, your old company might not have suitable options for your new situation. In some cases, your insurance company may end your coverage altogether because it doesn’t want to deal with your new risk level.

With an independent insurance agent, you will never have these problems. Since the agent represents multiple companies, you will have access to a variety of options that may meet your needs. If your current company becomes a poor fit, you can immediately switch you to a company that works.

The advantages of an independent agent over a non-independent agent are quite clear, but are they enough for you to consider switching agencies? How do you think non-independent agents can compete against this type of insurance agency? Let us know what you think.

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