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What should be the abbreviation for million, M or MM?


Such mandates can affect both private and public sector operators. As example, recent government legislation governing waste water discharge requirements has placed heavy burdens on many local municipal utilities and hence local taxpayers. The scope and range of such legislation ranges from healthcare mandates, to air pollutions limitations, to automobile mileage requirements. In virtually every instance, the consequence of unfunded mandates is the imposition of new costs which must either be absorbed by the operator, or passed on to the consumer or taxpayer.


Furthermore, most governments do not report information about the nature and size of their long-term financial obligations and commitments related to OPEB. Consequently, the readers of financial statements, including the public, have incomplete information with which to assess the cost of public services and to analyze the financial position and long-run financial health of a government. Unlike accounting for PENSIONS, the accounting standard for OPEB, however, most governments currently follow a pay-as-you-go approach, paying an amount each year equal to the benefits distributed or claimed in that year. The new OPEB standards do not mandate the funding of OPEB benefits .

U.S. Government Shared

K comes from the Greek world “kilo” which means one thousand and is used in metric / decimal systems. An amount in the accounting and financial world shown as $14K would equate to $14,000.00. You shouldn’t use abbreviations in academic or official writing. Use abbreviations in informal scenarios like notes and unimportant communication where context exists. Using uppercase (“MM”) or lowercase (“mm”) are both fine, as long as you’re consistent.

Uppercase abbreviations are standard in the United States, while lowercase abbreviations are more common in some countries overseas, so keep that in mind when choosing which to use. The most important thing to remember when using abbreviations on your resume is consistency. You might also want to use abbreviations to indicate physical size. To abbreviate “square foot,” use “ft2” — there’s no need to get fancy with superscript like “ft2”. Similarly, the best way to abbreviate billions on a resume is “B.” You can spell out “billion,” but don’t use “BB” — the double letter is only used in millions to avoid confusion.

What Rhymes With Words?

So, “10,000,000” could become “10MM” or “10M.” “10 million” is also acceptable, but don’t use “10mill,” which is overly informal — stick to the more common abbreviations. The best way to abbreviate millions on a resume is “MM.” It’s clear and easy to understand, which is the key to successfully abbreviating numbers. A Healthy Journal was born out of passion, the passion for food, but mainly for a healthy life. We are a bunch of friends all over the world who, at a certain time of their lives, realised the doctor’s advice was not enough anymore.

Spelling million, billion, and trillion out helps non-what does mm mean readers understand the resume more easily. Beyond that, if you have a young HR professional doing the first review of your resume, they might not understand it all. I used those abbreviations until I wrote this blog post and read all the comments. Since then, I have spelled million because it seems as though the opportunity for confusing readers is pretty high. I have worked in equity markets for 20 years and poor abbreviations drive me crazy. Regretfully, until the USA goes metric there’s going to continue to be problem with this.

10 Best CFD Brokers In 2022 » Webnews21

ig offers

I was definitely needing a platform where the hedging will be allowed. I found this broker and they allow it along with other possibilities. I think this is going to be my main spot for automatization of my trading framework.

ActivTrades Review 2023 – UK

ActivTrades Review 2023.

Posted: Wed, 11 Jan 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Apart from AvaTrade’s segregated account concept, the brokerage company offers a compensation scheme that guarantees client compensation should the company halt its business due to unforeseen circumstances. AvaTrade also still puts the client first even when their account balance seems to go in the red through a Negative Balance Protection plan. However, IG serves you with the best education and service for every customer. Their goal is to succeed the traders so they can earn more money. In the end, IG is one of the most reliable and largest brokers for CFD traders.

Is Forex Trading in Canada Legal?

The trading platform offered by is easily one of the best out there for canadian forex traders to use. What sets apart from other brokers is their trading platform, which is industry-leading and consistently top rated. The platform has all the features you need to trade and more, and is designed with the user in mind. Not only do you have a lot of general information to make your experience easier, but you’re also given a lot of technical help in the form of several trading platforms and trading tools. Our trading platform is ideal for our ambitious traders who look to seize the opportunities in the market and have a volatility-adjusted trading experience, optimized for their needs and performance goals in the market.

They don’t any money that doesn’t belong to them – and that’s a terrific sign. It is a browser-based platform and is made in collaboration with TradingView. It can help clients to manage their positions via a standard PC or laptop. If we will judge a book by a cover, then this is a perfect broker as it offers lots of information on the website and provides clients with everything.

gain access

Some are more honest, but their over-the-top security makes sure it takes a lot of time. The tools, however, are the technical instruments designed to improve your trading experience. Most can only be installed onto your MTs, which is a good reason to use them. There are also several basic tools and features to help you with the simple and advanced trading strategies and methods. The design of the interface is not the least amongst the advantages of this platform. ActivTrades is one of the more decent brokers on the trading markets, and you’ll see why in a few moments.

Brokers We Accepts

Furthermore, every market category has several sections dedicated to spreads, margin details, general information and the timetable of when it’s best to trade in these products. They give you all the help you need to understand whatever it is you’re going to trade in. People who write reviews have ownership to edit or delete them at any time, and they’ll be displayed as long as an account is active.

educational resources

I was pretty delighted when I opened demo account with ActivTrades. It was surprising for me that platforms can work without any interruptions and freezes. I haven’t started trading on a real account yet, as these days I try to trade on the demo.

Offers and Promotions at Admiral Markets

AvaTrade houses many educational materials and research tools through the use of the website SharpTrader, and while it has many to offer, it mainly features its information tool called AutoChartist. AvaTrade also has its platform called AvaOption, which is adequate overall though it is mostly built for providing traders with quality visual trading services. These regulations from trustworthy authorities guarantee the clients of AvaTrade that their funds deposited into their accounts are separated from AvaTrade’s own. For trading, the popular platform MetaTrader 4 is available. also has its web trading platform and mobile application that assists Kl-functionality. With MetaTrader 5 you can trade with some of the biggest broker servers like N2Markets, AlfaForex, Exness, NordFX, MetaQuotes, ActivTrades, United World Capital, FXDD, Straighthold Investment Group, AFBFX and many more.

I have an account since months with Activtrades FCA entity. On 7 February 2023 they closed my account and cancelled all profits I made. They wrote me they closed my account because they believe I violated clause 9.14 and for that reason they cancelled arbitrarely all my profits made in weeks and weeks of trade.

However, our infrastructure behind our platforms is capable of minimizing the effect of that. Even though, while some of its established fees may be subject to debate, most claim that eToro’s benefits for the everyday trader outweigh the disadvantages of the expense. Both OpenBook and WebTrader provide services for mobile devices and tablets, which can be downloaded through an app store. Both work great and are compatible with a majority of iOS and Android devices for trading on the go. This professional platform has high financial security for you. Furthermore, with this broker, the customers’ funds are very safe.

The IG trading platform can be accessed from either web or mobile phones, including Android, iOS, and Windows. A leader in spread betting since 1974, IG offers all the competitive features you could want from a forex broker and are one of the best in Canada in 2020. Finding a forex broker to open an account with is one of the most important decisions you have to make when you want to start trading forex. Half the brokers out there don’t even let you withdraw your funds. They can have a form to do so, but, at the end of the day, your money will be gone.

Admiral Markets is a safe bet for anyone looking to open a broker account, especially for beginners since the training they offer is unmatched. The platform has won many awards throughout the years and is one of the most advanced trading interfaces out today. Not only that, but trades are basically free from any commissions and any fees are minimal. In order to compile the list of brokers we included in this guide, we based our decisions off a specific set of criteria to ensure that all the brokers we featured were accurately represented in relation to one another. You can explore them all in the ‘tools’ section under ‘platforms’ on the official website of ActivTrades. It goes against our guidelines to offer incentives for reviews.

Its other licenses are registered with the compliance of the ASIC in Australia, the FSP from South Africa, and Japan’s FSA. They serve you with trading in more than 2,000 different markets and assets trading. Withdrawals can be made only through Bank Transfer, which is a negative for some traders. Whether you need help with trading or have technical difficulties, their 24-hour team will be there to assist you through any and every issue you may have. You can withdraw your account funds by either Wire Transfer or EFT.

Platform: An Overall Great Trading Experience

The platform offered by CMC Markets is standard for the industry, perhaps even slightly better than some of the other major brokers especially when it comes to the features to help traders with chart analysis. As you can expect with the big forex brokers, Admiral Markets offers traders access to every possible market you would want to trade. All in all I noticed this broker bets on convenience and it likes to boast its innovative trading platforms and smart tools.

It’s not saying much, given how most brokers are simply bad at their job. However, AT is not just comparatively good, they are decent objectively. ActivTrades is a London based broker specialising in Forex and CFD trading, licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority . 5 Minutes after Non-Farm Payrolls was released I received a notice of termination from both companies and that Activtrades was removing all my trades for the past 2-3 months from both firms. It’s almost as if they were expecting me to trade NFP with the increased slippage they had put on my account to try to get me to lose, as soon as this did not happen, they terminated my account and deleted all my profits.

They are also very plentiful when it comes to features, tools, and technology. It’s a very good and convenient provider overall – again, as you’ll see. This became my favorite broker and educational institution when I discovered their webinars. I was not a client of them, but watched a webinar and then the second.

CMC Markets: Fantastic Live Support

In addition, they offer you 24/7 assistance in different languages. If you’re looking for an easy way of trading CFDs, it is the best option. CMC Markets is a trusted broker that offers tight spreads, training resources, and wide market access.

  • And in order to authenticate its regulations and safety procedures, the AvaTrade brokerage firm follows the Client Asset Regulations, and most of its licenses are registered under the Bank of Ireland.
  • There are also several basic tools and features to help you with the simple and advanced trading strategies and methods.
  • They can have a form to do so, but, at the end of the day, your money will be gone.
  • A leader in spread betting since 1974, IG offers all the competitive features you could want from a forex broker and are one of the best in Canada in 2020.

I ain’t have a really immersive experience in trading with ActivTrades, but during the time I’ve been trading here I noticed something. On top of that, you have seminars that also take a solid share in traders’ education. It is prohibited to use, store, reproduce, display, modify, transmit or distribute the data contained in this website without the explicit prior written permission of Fusion Media and/or the data provider.

There is no activtrades review deposit required in order to open an account with XTB for forex trading, and there are no current welcome bonuses active for XTB. In addition to all of the features offered, there is a forum dedicated to traders where useful information and support is shared between users. A friend of mine, one who introduced me to trading told me that he found a new broker that he thought I should try. Naturally, as he was the one that introduced me to trading, I was obliged and excited to see this broker that he found. After a couple of hours on the broker’s website, researching and opening demo accounts to get first-hand experience, I have been a client since.

Инвестиции без риска Как заработать на жилье, образование детей и пенсию Феоктистова Елена Сергеевна. ISBN: 978-5-04-111798-6 купите эту книгу с доставкой в интернет-магазине «Буквоед» 10464995


А особенно тем, кто верит в модную нынче сказку о том, как ничего не делая на маркетплейсах. Сыворотки являются незаменимым средством в корейском уходе за кожей лица. Когда нам нужно как-то улучшить кожу (избавиться от угревой сыпи, осветлить кожу и т.д) на помощь приходит сыворотка.

  • Инвесторы подразделяют финансовые инструменты в зависимости от их надежности.
  • И знаете, я думаю она будет одинаково интересна как людям, которые не связаны с маркетингом вообще, так и продажникам.
  • Так и инвестиции – сами по себе лишняя суета и риски.
  • На мой взгляд, было бы уместнее придерживаться концепции «галопом по Европам» до конца книги.

Сначала она меня смутила, ведь такого добра хватает. Инвесторы подразделяют финансовые инструменты в зависимости от их надежности. В результате получается своеобразная шкала.

Глава 1Что такое инвестиции

Пожалуйста, поддержите имеющиеся тэги или добавьте свои. Дает представление об различных видах инвестициях, поверхностно,не особо углубляясь в дебри. Каждый способ инвестирования – это отдельная и большая тема. Такая книга помогает лучше понимать свои возможности и стоит ли во все это лезть. Пошаговые инструкции к этому будут в следующих главах. Запомните – без брокера инвестирование невозможно.

Выполнение заданий требует определенной дисциплины и настойчивости, но тот, кто действительно хочет научиться инвестированию, вполне овладеет этой премудростью после прочтения книги. Для всех, кто давно подумывает о вложении денег, но не готов глубоко погружаться в вопросы инвестирования и рисковать, но при этом рассчитывает обзавестись надежной финансовой «подушкой». Биржа — это рынок, на котором продают разные финансовые инструменты. Физические лица могут попасть на этот рынок только через брокера. Как правильно выбрать брокера, кому стоит доверять, а кого остерегаться, я расскажу в главе 8.


Надо все-таки стараться и как-то держаться на плаву. Эта книга хороша тем, что рассказывает именно о БЕЗОПАСНОМ пассивном доходе. Честно говоря, прочитала книжки и других авторов на схожую тему, но там была вода, и зря деньги потрачены. А эта книга и недорогая, и полезная. На карантине сидеть скучно, так что развлекаю себя на рыке инвестиций с этой книгой как настольной. Тэги помогают другим читателям выбирать товары, книги и быстро понимать, о чем они.

Похожие товары

инвестиции без рискаодолжение читайте в главе 5. 3.Трейдер – человек, который спекулирует на бирже, т. Он постоянно покупает и продает, пытаясь поймать высокий доход (разницу между покупкой и продажей). Стоит сдать несколько квалификационных экзаменов на специалиста финансового рынка, иметь навыки и опыт, чтобы спокойно рисковать своим капиталом каждый день. Часами смотреть на экраны монитора, графики, анализировать чужие отчеты и следить за цифрами колеблющегося рынка – сложная профессия.

Так и инвестиции – сами по себе лишняя суета и риски. Есть несколько причин, почему они полезны. 14.Форекс – спекуляции на валютном рынке. Раньше банки торговали между собой и большими объемами.

Инвестиции без риска. Как заработать на жилье, образование детей и пенсию

Просто принято считать, что некоторые виды финансовых инструментов менее рискованны, чем другие. При этом они предлагают инвесторам значительно меньший уровень доходности. Новые финансовые инструменты появляются регулярно.


Нужно только освоить минимальный набор инструментов. • перестать ломать голову, где взять денег на отпуск, ремонт и образование ребенка. Оформите заказ сейчас или добавьте книгу “Инвестиции без риска. Как заработать на жилье, образование детей и пенсию” в свой список желаний. Недавно я прочитала книгу Елены Феоктистовой. “Инвестиции без риска. Как заработать на образование детей и пенсию”.

Согласно этой градации сверху находятся наиболее доходные инструменты, которые приносят минимум прибыли. Постепенно риск растет, а с ним вместе — и ожидаемая доходность увеличивается. «Инвестиции без риска» — четкое, последовательное руководство по инвестированию, созданию пассивного дохода. Оно будет интересно всем, кто ставит перед собой цель сохранить и приумножить заработанные деньги, от новичков до продвинутых инвесторов.

Победителями стали 496 школьников из 56 регионов России и других стран СНГ. Уже одно это иллюстрирует важную тенденцию программы – решительно уйти от эффектных мероприятий в столицах и ни в коем случае не обделить вниманием российскую глубинку. На это направляется заметная часть бюджета программы. Одна из форм – конференции, где ведущие ученые страны рассказывают учителям о последних успехах различных научных направлений. Одна из ее задач – оказание помощи вузовским профессорам и доцентам, имеющим высокие результаты в преподавании и научных исследованиях.

Конечно, когда она действует, надежность вкладов приближается к государственным займам. Долговые обязательства банков и других организаций, частных компаний. Их уровень надежности ниже, чем у государства. В том числе и потому что любое предприятие может быть объявлено банкротом, и тогда получить деньги обратно, чаше всего, не получится.

  • Всего в эту группу входит на сегодняшний день не более 20 компаний, включая Coca-Cola, Black&Decker, Procter&Gamble и так далее.
  • В том числе и потому что любое предприятие может быть объявлено банкротом, и тогда получить деньги обратно, чаше всего, не получится.
  • Подробно простым языком рассказано об основных инвестиционных инструментах, разобраны явные и скрытые риски.
  • Долговые обязательства банков и других организаций, частных компаний.

В 22 года я устроилась в многопрофильный холдинг и поставила себе цель стать юристом самого высокого класса. Принимала участие в создании направлений бизнеса по экспорту и импорту товаров, по торговле на внутреннем рынке. Сопровождала сделки и вела дела в суде по поставке нефтепродуктов, стройматериалов, леса, зерна.

Книга Эксмо Инвестиции без риска Как заработать на жилье образование детей и пенсию

Перед вами максимально простое руководство по инвестированию. Прочитав его, вы узнаете, как без риска и временных затрат увеличить свой капитал. Вкладывая не более 5000 рублей в месяц, в течение нескольких лет заработать на квартиру, дорогую машину или обучение за границей для своего ребенка — всё это более чем реально.

Хочу поделиться своим впечатлением о ней, и вкратце рассказать о её содержании и о том, кому это книга может быть полезной, а для кого будет совсем не интересной. Как заработать на жилье, образование детей и пенсию | Феоктистова Е. Как заработать на жилье, образование детей и пенсию. Оставлю отзыв на книгу Елены Феоктистовой инвестиции без риска.