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Defensive Driving: 3 Years of Savings

Defensive Driving Courses are not just mandatory courses because you received a ticket and need to get the points on your license lowered. It is actually a course that teaches you safety tips and techniques to help you avoid having an accident.

Even if you have never had an accident this course is great because it actually will lower your insurance rate by approximately 10% for 3 years!

Traditionally classes were held on Saturdays and would take 6 hours but in the last few years there has become an alternative to having to spend your entire Saturday in a classroom. You now can take the course online.

With many of the online providers offering the option to stop and start the course (usually classes must be done in hour intervals and completed within 7-10 days) you can fit it in whenever it works for you.

The classroom setting is still available if you would prefer to do it that way.

Why leave money on the table when you can put it in your pocket! Please contact us if you would like more information.