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Discover the Best Ways to Avoid Car Theft

More than 1 million cars are stolen each year in the United States and the vast majority of them are never recovered. A vehicle is stolen once every 30 seconds, which is about the time it takes some thieves to gain access to your car or truck. Don’t make it easy for them. Take these simple precautions to avoid becoming their next victim.

First, always park in an area with ample lighting. Park your vehicle under the public garage lights or street lamps. Most common criminals prefer to operate under the cover of darkness. Also, while parking near the garage exit gives you a slight advantage when its closing time, it also gives thieves a quick escape. Most car thieves target vehicles close to the exits. Park your car or truck toward the middle of the row. If possible, chose a garage that has security personnel on staff to monitor the parking lots.

While at home, always keep your doors locked and never leave your keys in the vehicle. Many times, cars are stolen when their owners feel safe enough to leave it vehicle accessible and forget their keys in the center council. Even if your home has a garage, lock the car doors and take your keys. Thieves can gain entry to your garage using universal remotes and other methods.

Despite their popularity, the advent of those blaring, loud car alarms has not seemed to deter many would-be car thieves. They have become the boy who cried wolf, as on any given street corner or parking garage, those alarms are eternally ringing often when no theft is taking place. Most of the time, the alarms are triggered by the owners themselves. Few people stop to think twice about a honking car alarm these days. If you opt for an anti-theft device, wheel locks and other visible deterrents are much more affective.

You can take all of these steps and still become victim to a savvy car thief. That’s when the importance of carrying the right kind of car insurance comes into play. Our agents can assist you in locating several quotes from a variety of insurance providers. Their experience enables you to purchase a comprehensive car insurance policy at the most affordable rate.